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Uebert Angel



Uebert Angel founded Good News TV to provide a globally accessible platform for the teachings of the Good News message of Jesus Christ's grace.


Uebert Angel has a decade of experience in television. He has and continues to work as a tele-evangelist and preacher, a broadcaster, producer, he has owned and ran his own TV channel in three different continents and is even an actor in Hollywood movies. 


 He co-founded The Good News Church in 2007 with his wife Bebe Angel and since then they have raised up and managed over 33 branches in 15 different countries. He regularly partakes in huge global crusades globally to places such a USA and India drawing crowds of up to 100,000 for some meetings


He is educated in Great Britain with two degrees from Salford University. He then became a lecturer of finance in Britain. He has a passion for bringing accessible quality television to people of all walks of life and social standing.  


Uebert Angel is married to Bebe Angel and they have four children. To find out more about Uebert Angel, visit the Uebert Angel website and follow Uebert Angel on Twitter for his latest updates.

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